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Nestor Tomassini was born in Bahía Blanca where he started music studies with his father Marcelo. He later took up clarinet studies with teachers Teobaldo Rosigno and Filotette Martorella. In 1965 Nestor graduated as Clarinet Teacher from the Conservatorio Provincial de Música, in Bahia Blanca. He participated in several popular music bands and in the Groovie Jazz Five line-up. In 1969 and 1970 he was granted a scholarship by the Mozarteum Argentino to attend a chamber music course with the Woodwind Quintet of that institution. He continued with advanced studies of interpretation with teachers Mariano Frogioni in Buenos Aires and Guy Deplus in Paris.

In 1975 he attended the Virtuosity training under Robert Gugolz’s guidance at the Geneva Conservatory of Music, in Geneva, Switzerland. He also trained in contemporary music for clarinet with Phillip Rehfeldt at the University of Redlands, Los Angeles. During his stay in Switzerland he performed with Horacio Fumero, Paulo Bellinati, Frank Zappa and Celia Cruz.

In 1978 he performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival with the Mandragore group. He worked as a clarinet and saxophone teacher at the conservatories of Bahía Blanca, Geneva and at the International School of Geneva. During ten years, he was first clarinetist for the Orquesta Sinfónica de Bahía Blanca. Also perfomed as soloist for the Geneva Conservatory Orchestra, Ensemble Marignac, Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional de Buenos Aires and Orquesta del Teatro Argentino. Performed in France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Chile.

In 1980 he won the contest to fill the position of first clarinetist at the Teatro Argentino and in 1981 he was awarded the First Prize at the National Contest of Performers of the Republic of Argentina.

Also, Nestor has been the founding member of the following bands: Trío Arsis, Los Músicos de los Lagos de Buenos Aires, MCP Trío, and Siembra.

Since 1987 he has performed as clarinetist and saxophonist, and has also been the composer for trio Siglotreinta, with eight CDs recorded so far.

Since 1981 he has been teaching Clarinet, Saxophone, Improvisation, Chamber Music and Woodwind Ensembles at his Escuela de Música de San Telmo – City of Buenos Aires.

Publisher Ricordi published his book "Saxo - primeras prácticas" , and later in 2004, he wrote "10 Tangos para 2 clarinetes" in collaboration with Mariano Gómez.

In 2006 he recorded his first soloist CD "De Corte Antiguo" and Ricordi published a new edition of "Saxo, Primeras Prácticas", which now includes a CD.

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